Graham Photography was founded by Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Graham in 1952. Through the years,

                            Grahams has become an icon in School Day Pictures, and the timeless Senior Portraits.


                                 In 1979, Grahams added their own in house lab. This was a big addition to the growing business.

                            The lab made it possible  for Grahams to add different kinds of photos such as Class Groups, Sports,

                            Proms, and Graduations. Sadly, Mr. Graham  passed away in March of 2001, but this did

                            not stop his dream from growing. His sons, Carlin and Kerry Graham, carried on the tradition

                            of photography. In the spring of 2001, they opened their Jennings Creek Studio which gave high

                            school seniors more props to choose from for their senior pictures. Aside from senior pictures,

                            Jennings Creek is also used to hold weddings and wedding  receptions; it is the largest

                            indoor and outdoor studio in the area.


                                Now, all of the pictures taken are run through the Digital Lab which was installed in 2005.

                            The pictures are being  returned to the customer faster and at a higher quality. The studio is still

                            growing; new props are being added each year, and new effects are possible for your pictures.

                            The staff at Grahams is willing to answer any questions you may have, and is willing to do the

                            very best they can to fulfill your photo needs.


               Our Mission Statement is "Making today’s events into tomorrows memories"


Graham Photography Office and Lab

147 St. Charles St.

(Off Russellville Rd.)

Bowling Green KY 42101

Ph # 270-781-2323


Graham Photography @ Jennings Creek Studio

1770 Morgantown Rd.

(Past New Wal-Mart)

Bowling Green KY 42101